8 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Empty Nest

Are you facing an empty nest this September? It’s an exciting time as those college and university acceptance letters start rolling in! You’re so proud of your child as they prepare for this next phase in their life until the worry and sadness sets in – your baby is leaving the nest. It can be […]

Women in the workforce – Is COVID-19 setting us back?

  Canada has reached the lowest level of women in the workforce in almost 30 years, as this downturn in our economy is being dubbed the “She-cession.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, 1/3 of Canadian women have considered leaving their full-time jobs to care for children, (compared to only 1/5 of men), according to a study […]

Are you thinking of picking up a side gig?

A recent DSA survey reported that 4 in 10 Canadians (or 37%) plan on earning extra income by picking up a side hustle within the next year. Are you one of the four? A third of Canadians either lost a job or experienced a decline in income in the last three months. More and more […]

Is Entrepreneurship the New Feminism?

Empowerment, freedom, flexibility and financial independence are the top reasons women cite for starting their own business. We are jumping into the world of entrepreneurship in droves! The number of women-owned businesses in Canada continues to grow. There has been a 30% increase in the last ten years. In a GEM report on women’s entrepreneurship, […]