Ready to leave the stereotypes behind and embrace midlife?

It's Your Time To GLOW.

I’m helping Gen X women confidently embrace their next chapter.

It's Your Time To GLOW.


To focus on ourselves, reconnect, and live fulfilling, rewarding lives.

I'm so happy
you're here!

I’m Sam, a mom, entrepreneur, coach, and mentor.

I help other Gen X women heading toward an empty nest find a new passion with a fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding side venture.

I discovered Neora when my kids were young, and I needed a flexible income. It has grown into so much more!

Why Did I Choose Neora?

Neora is a global company creating leading-edge clean skincare, haircare and wellness products for women looking to embrace their next chapter with vitality, energy, and a love for life. 

We’re a group of happy people living life to the fullest!



If you’ve put your career on hold to raise your kids, are feeling stuck or just wondering what’s next, we’d love to have you join us!

Let's Find Your GLOW!


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