How to Move Forward After a Big Life Change with a Positive Mindset!

    Whether, expected or out of the blue, major life changes can throw you for a loop! Career shifts, illness, kids leaving for school, moving to a new city – even the positive change we WANT to happen can be stressful. If you’re going through a big life change right now, or about to […]

Navigate Midlife with a Positive Mindset – 10 Things to Look Forward To!

Let’s flip the script and take a more positive attitude towards entering midlife. Because there are so many things to look forward to – and life is very much what you make it.      10 Things to Look Forward to in Midlife You’ve found a sense of identity and aren’t afraid to be true […]

5 Signs of Empty Nest Syndrome & How to Make the Transition Easier

Empty Nest Syndrome refers to the grief parents feel when their children move out of the family home – it’s not a clinical diagnosis but a life transition that is often challenging for many. While children growing up and moving out is a typical life event, it is still an enormous change and can be […]

College-Bound Kids?

How to Cope as a Parent When Your Child Goes to College Are you having conflicted emotions about your child heading off to college? Whether it’s your first baby heading out or the one that will leave you with an empty nest, it’s a difficult transition for many parents. Expect a sense of loss. It’s […]

The Last Summer Before College

Is this your child’s last summer at home before they venture off to college or university? I feel you, Mama. As an official empty nester, I’ve been there. It’s a stressful and exciting time. You’re so proud and thrilled for their opportunities, but you will miss them so much! While you may want to spend […]

Making Friends After 50

Why a Strong Support System is Good for Your Health! Did you know one of the keys to a long, healthy life is a great group of friends? Many studies have shown that those with a robust support system are healthier, happier, and live longer. Yet many adults lack this type of support and friendship. […]

Time is Precious

How do I Make the Most of the 24 Hours in My Day? With every second that goes by, you are designing your life. Are you making conscious decisions about how you spend those precious minutes? Are you deliberately using the time you have to create the life you want? We all have the same […]

8 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Empty Nest

Are you facing an empty nest this September? It’s an exciting time as those college and university acceptance letters start rolling in! You’re so proud of your child as they prepare for this next phase in their life until the worry and sadness sets in – your baby is leaving the nest. It can be […]

Women in the workforce – Is COVID-19 setting us back?

  Canada has reached the lowest level of women in the workforce in almost 30 years, as this downturn in our economy is being dubbed the “She-cession.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, 1/3 of Canadian women have considered leaving their full-time jobs to care for children, (compared to only 1/5 of men), according to a study […]

Are you thinking of picking up a side gig?

A recent DSA survey reported that 4 in 10 Canadians (or 37%) plan on earning extra income by picking up a side hustle within the next year. Are you one of the four? A third of Canadians either lost a job or experienced a decline in income in the last three months. More and more […]